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This blog is hysterical. As a former teacher at a high income elementary school full of alpha moms I can really relate to the room mom stuff. I was a very efficient teacher, but now as a mom of a 3-year-old and 2-year-old I can't even remember show and tell day, and my daughter is always misses the hello song b/c I'm late everyday. On my website I sell beta mom shirts (how I came across your site, trying to get the domain name). I was hoping to talk to you about trading links, as we are in the same market, so to speak. Please email me through my website if you are interested.
shannon jones

Happy Hour Sue

I am sad. Sad, sad, sad. I just discovered your blog tonight - a fellow Beta, sipping my wine on a schoolnight, looking forward to the MTV Video Music awards at 9pm, which i will let my kids stay up for....and I realize you have not blogged since 2007. Have you given it up? Or is this just our typical beta-procrastination? I hope you write more.

Yours in beta-dom,
Happy Hour Sue


Where are U Beta Mom? I just stumbled on your blogspot in an attempt to find solace in my identity as a slacker mom. I'm looking forward to reading every square inch of this site while drinking wine and the kids are planted in front of their 15th episode of Tom & Jerry. What? Tommy & Jerry isn't violent. It was a perfectly fine cartoon to watch when we were growing up. I hope to see you resurface soon....

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